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I, Collin Wilson, founder member of the company, started off in optics back in 1969, when I did my training at a company called Standard Optical.

Shortly after my training I went overseas, travelled Europe and got the opportunity to work in an at the time ultra modern Optical Laboratory in Holland, where I gained valuable additional knowledge that has assisted me in my career right up to today!

After I got back from overseas I worked at various optical fitting and manufacturing laboratories for about 15 years and needless to say I gained an enormous amount of knowledge and experience over these years which in 1996 gave me the courage and confidence to start my own laboratory, PE Optical.

We are a medium sized lab situated in Port Elizabeth. Together with a network of reliable couriers we manage to achieve a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours to most destinations in South Africa.

We have managed to make name for ourselves in the field of manufacturing High Powered Prescription Lenses.

Our very capable and dedicated staff together with the right machinery produce incredible high power scripts with great results. For instance we recently did a MultiFocal +3.75 -17.50 axis 45 and a Single Vision -32.00 -6.00cyl.!

These are just 2 examples but on a daily basis we proudly manage to supply our clients and even some of the bigger labs in South Africa with our High Power scripts!