Our Services

Scripted lenses into Dive Masks

We laminate glass lenses “edge to edge”, where possible. Single vision scripts with Plus (+) and Minus (-) powers, up to +8 and -10, including Cyls. Bifocal scripts are laminated as a Franklin bifocal.

Servicing of refracting equipment

We provide servicing or repairs on various optical instruments and equipment. From Phoropters, Slit lamps, Tonometers, Hydraulic chairs etc, as well as assistance in the relocation of test rooms and equipment.

High biconcave scripts

We can do biconcave scripts up to -30.0 combined powers. Always keep in mind that it is best to keep your frame eye size as small as possible, in order to retain the cosmetic look.


We stock up to a 20 Base SF SV Lenticular lens. Please contact us with requirements, we can do the calculations to advise on what is best suited.

Turnaround time (on most products)

We strive for same day service. Should you phone, email or whatsapp your script through to us by 10am, we will make sure it goes out the same afternoon. This will ensure it will arrive at your practice by overnight courier (with exception of outlying areas). Any ARC Coating, please add 2 to 3 working days.

Large range of Budget frames available

We stock the following ranges: NHI, Sightique, PLAY, Cube Lite and Capri. Should you order jobs from the frame selection on hand, it will speed up turnaround time by cutting out the inbound courier. Most orders placed by 10am, should be completed the same day (depending on script), ensuring the orders will arrive at your premises, the following morning.